What You Get For £950 Takeaway Meal – The World’s Most Expensive Available In The UK

Would you pay £950 for a posh mac 'n' cheese?

Most expensive takeaway Would you shell out for this? Image The Drama Kitchen

After a long, hard day at work, sometimes the last thing you want to do is cook a slap-up meal, right?

People in the UK have had more of an appetite for takeaways than ever before recently, and we’re spending huge amounts of money on eating in.

Now, a company is planning to capitalise on this huge demand by introducing the world’s most expensive takeaway right here in London.

Pop-up restaurant The Drama Kitchen has created a take-out dish inspired by Sky Atlantic series Billions, which is available for a whopping £950.

The price tag is even harder to explain when you learn that the dish, called the ‘Billionaire’, is essentially just a posh mac ‘n’ cheese.

There are extras of course; Scottish lobsters, aged parmesan cheese, caviar, black truffle, a 23 carat gold leaf (for some reason) and a glass of the same whisky drunk by Chuck Roads on the Sky Atlantic show are all included.

Sounds better than your standard pizza, right? To top everything off, Deliveroo send a private waiter to deliver the dish to your table.

It might be January, and you might still be skint after Christmas, but if you’re really going to splash out on a takeaway, the ‘Billionaire’ really is the only way to go.

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