The World’s First Burger Made Entirely From Cheese Has Arrived

‘Tis the cheese-on to be jolly…

A burger made out of cheese.

Everyone knows there’s no such thing as too much cheese.

Even so, the makers of the world’s first burger made entirely from cheese have taken that mantra to the absolute limits with a culinary creation that combines a whopping nine different cheeses in one tasty burger.

It’s been dubbed the Ultimate Cheese Burger and has been carefully crafted by Hungry House to cater to pretty much any cheese-based taste.

Available to order for one day only on November 29th, it consists of a mature cheddar cheese ‘bun’ with mozzarella ‘seeds’, a soft creamy Camembert ‘patty’, baby bel ‘gherkins’, and strong red Leicester cheese ‘tomatoes’.

A burger made out of cheese.

That heady cheese-led mix is then topped off with German smoked cheese ‘onion rings’, Stilton cheese ‘relish,’ and layers of nutty Edam and American cheese ‘lettuce’.

It’s a cheesy cheese burger that sounds too Gouda to miss! Sorry, that was… that was painful. Anyway, the limited edition Ultimate Cheese Burger can be ordered on November 29th for delivery on December 1st – much like Rome, a burger made entirely from cheese simply cannot be built in a day.

A burger made out of cheese.

It will be worth the wait though, with each Ultimate Cheese Burger capable of feeding up to four people. Bollocks to that though – we all know this is going to end up being a one-way tussle between man and cheese.

To order please email And prepare yourself – this sounds like it contains a metric ton of cheese.

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