The World Gravy Wrestling Championship Is Coming To The UK This Month

Competitors must follow a strict set of rules though.

The World Gravy Wrestling Championship.
Gravy wrestling Looks delicious. Image The World Gravy Wrestling Championship.

Do you love gravy? Do you love it enough to wrestle a complete stranger in the brown gooey stuff in the name of sports entertainment?

If the answer is yes, then loaded has some good news because the World Gravy Wrestling Championship is fast approaching. On August 28, gravy lovers and would-be wrestlers alike will descend on the Rose ‘n Bowl pub in Stackheads, Rossendale, Lancashire for a one-of-a-kind sporting event.

The rules of the competition are simple: contestants wrestle in a pool of Lancashire Gravy with points scored for fancy dress, comedy effect, entertainment and wrestling ability. At the end of the contest, each and every competitor gets a hose down from the firefighters close at hand.

It’s open to male and female competitors, with all those compete invited to get sponsorship and raise money for charity. “We are looking for 16 male contestants and 8 female contestants to battle it out for the title,” the event’s official website reads. “All entrants must be amateurs and over 18 years old (for insurance purposes).”

Fancy dress is also a requirement for anyone getting involved while aggressive, rough or unsportsmanlike conduct will also result in disqualification. Competitors cannot drink before grappling and lewd conduct in or out of the ring will not be tolerated.

The winner even gets their own trophy though – the World Gravy Wrestling Championship title – which they can take home and defend the following year.

All funds raised will go to the East Lancashire Hospice. while non-gravy based refreshments will also be on hand.

There’s no word yet on what other activities will be on offer, though loaded is optimistic about the chances of So Solid Crew member Romeo Dunn making an appearance with a live performance of one of his signature hits “It’s All Gravy.”

If you would like to donate to the charity, you can access the Just Giving page here.

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