The Bleak Truth Behind The Woman In The ‘Scary’ Viral Mugshot

Morgan Joyce Varn is living proof that you should never judge people by appearances.

The mugshot that went viral.
The infamous mugshot There's more to this than meets the eye Image Charlotte Observer

Maybe it was those jet black eyes or the plethora of tattoos adorning her face but, for whatever reason, most people had a pretty strong reaction when they first saw the mugshot of 24-year-old Morgan Joyce Varn – yet it wasn’t always that way.

First put online by Lancaster County South Carolina Sheriff’s Office, the story behind Varn’s arrest was far more alarming as the picture itself.

On 24 April, Varn was arrested in South Carolina after a SWAT team had to be called in to deal with a situation involving the 24-year-old and her partner in crime, the 23-year-old Jonathan Mikael Robinson.

The pair had allegedly entered someone else’s home, demanding both money and a mobile phone fromone of the occupants. It was even reported that Robinson had come armed with a gun.

Morgan Joyce Vorn
Morgan Joyce Vorn

Having escaped from the scene, the unnamed resident contacted the police, setting up a tense situation in which officials from Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office attempted to coax Varn, Robinson and another, unidentified male, out to surrender.

Eventually a SWAT team was called in to deal with the situation, which resulted in arrests for all three.

Varn is now facing a potential stint behind bars, having been charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and malicious injury to personal property.

Yet, what many probably don’t realise is that Varn didn’t always appear destined for a life of crime. In fact, she appeared to be on a very different course altogether, the last time she made the local news back in April 2015.

Back then, the Herald Online reported on a heartwarming story in which two deputies from York County had actually helped deliver Varn’s baby.

Just over two years ago, the picture from that report show Varn, a new mother, looking markedly different – a far cry from what some press labelled “the mugshot that will haunt your dreams”.

According to the story, Varn and her partner, Michael Saunders Jr, had left her parents’ home for the local hospital after her waters broke.



But, new to the area at the time, they soon became lost and were forced to pull into the car park of the local fire station, looking for help.

Fortunately, two deputies were on hand nearby to help deliver the baby in the most extraordinary and heartwarming of circumstances, with Morgan giving birth to a daughter, named Nala, who weighed five pounds and 15 ounces on arrival.

It’s a far cry from her current situation and one that begs questions about the whereabouts of both her daughter and partner. One thing appears evident though: something very bad must have happened over the past 24 months.

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