The Wholls: ‘Of course we tried to pull Miss World’

The band on performing in front of two billion people.

the wholls
Wholl lotta love The boys made the most of their time at the pageant.

They’re already being touted as the sound of 2016 and brought a nice end to their year by performing in front of two billion people at Miss World this week.

Not bad for going for the four Bedford boys.

Loaded caught up with them this week to find out all about Miss World and discovered that they won’t have a bad word said against it.


Loaded How did you get the approach to take part?

The Wholls So our management team shook a magic wand and the question was asked,must have been something like that! Lots of hard work behind the scenes and finally it all came together. I had a paintbrush in my hand last week and a microphone in my hand surrounded by Miss World contestants in front of a TV audience of 2 billion the next.

L Was it an easy one to say yes to?

TW Hundreds of the most beautiful women on the planet on a tropical island, all expenses paid and they want to pay us to come? Are you mad? It  weren’t a tough one I can tell you that

L What did you think the contest would be like? What was the reality?

TW I thought it would be hundreds of the most beautiful women on the planet on a tropical island all expenses paid. The reality was hundreds of the most beautiful women on the planet on a tropical island all expenses paid.

Happy as the proverbial pigs.
Happy as the proverbial pigs.

L What did you think of China?

TW Awesomely crazy place with families of 5 on scooters riding on pathways, some of the food was questionable like duck’s feet in pepperami packaging posing as a light happy snack. The place is beautiful though – surreal place to be. Like being in a film. 

L What would you say to people who claim the contest is sexist?

The same people say UFC is violent. Opinions are like arseholes every one has got one. The fact they have an audience as big as they do says it all. If people don’t like it, don’t fucking watch it. Why can’t beauty be celebrated? We do it every day when we walk the streets. Its human nature for men and women, it’s in our DNA to pick a mate. When you’re there with all the contestants you can tell it’s so much more than a beauty pageant, it’s a platform to reach the whole world with their ideas and views on the future of their country, and they all do so much positive work. 

L Who was your favourite contestant and why?

TW Many, many favourites for many many reasons I’m afraid. It would be quicker to pick the ones I didn’t like and on one hand I’d still have fingers left. They were all great girls and so much fun to be around.

L Did any of the band try to pull a contestant? Did you talk to any of them?

Of course we did. Who wouldn’t? When opportunity knocks you open with a big cuddle and puppy dog eyes. They were real, real friendly and they loved our track we performed, they had been rehearsing to it for a month leading up to it so they knew all the words and were excited to meet us. Maybe not as excited as we were to meet them

L What does 2016 have in store for you?

TW It’s an amazing end to our year and looks like 2016 is ours for the taking. We’ve got great industry support from some of the best and that’s going to give us a massive platform to work from. We’ve got our debut album coming out which we’re so excited about and loads of gigs and loads of festivals confirmed – we can’t wait! You’ll be seeing a lot more from us I promise.

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