There Is A Way You Can Get Free Burger King Whoppers For LIFE

But there's a catch...

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Infinite Whoppers... Image Burger King

In a move sure to make mouths water, Burger King is offering free Whoppers for life to a lucky few customers – but there’s a catch.

An advertising agency in Argentina has come up with a genius plan to combat name bullying. Anyone with the name “Parilla” in the South American country can now receive FREE Whoppers for life.

The word “Parilla” means grill in Spanish, and it also happens to be a very common surname in Argentina. Unfortunately, around 12,000 citizens with such a moniker tend to be the butt of many a joke.


A new Burger King ad campaign features a few Parillas sharing some of the comments they receive due to their name.

“Grill, where’s the meat?” says one woman. Ouch.

Since the word grill is synonymous with the flame grilling burger chain, the powers that be decided to get a bit creative. Billboards now litter Buenos Aires beckoning to Parillas nationwide to collect their free burgers.

“We are proud to belong to the Parrilla family for more than 60 years,” Burger King Argentina marketing director Lucina Cabrejas said in a statement. “The best way to put it is by recognizing for life those who bear that surname.”

burger king
Whopper/Burger King

Sadly, the free deal isn’t available in the UK yet, although there’s nothing stopping you moving out to Argentina and changing your name to “Parilla”…

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