The Way You Hold Your Smartphone Could Leave You At Risk To Hackers

The sensors in your phone could be susceptible to cyber criminals…

A pixellated smartphone
Be careful on that smartphone They're watching you. They're always watching you.

Your smartphone could be at serious risk of data hacking, purely because of the way you hold and tilt it.

That’s according to the cyber bods over at Newcastle University, who have warned that online criminals are hijacking the motion sensors found in many models in order to track hand and finger movements.

These moments can help hackers discover sensitive password and PIN data that could lead to serious fraud or, worse still, access to premium rate porn sites.

It’s all thanks to the increasing popularity of fitness and gaming apps, which have forced designers to integrate up to 25 sensors at a time on any one device.

Whether it’s cameras or some sort of fancy built-in gyroscope, the main message here is to basically take a little more care over how you use you phone.

With things like GPS and standard built-in cameras the only of these sensors to request permission from the users, the scientists warned that background apps and even webpages could host hacking codes.

These codes could then be used to access motion detectors which, in turn, could lead these cyber folk to all your precious passwords and personal information.

This phone is on fire. Image ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

It gets worse too. Cameras and microphones could be used to spy on you, so maybe avoid saying passwords out loud. If you’re dumb enough to do that in the first place, that is…

In any case, these hacking codes are capable of guessing four-digit pins in as little as just five guesses, meaning if they are in already, there’s little way of stopping them.

The advice to combat this chaos is simple: close all unused applications and regularly change up your pins and passwords.

Oh and get rid of anything incriminating on your phone. Like porn. And memes.

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