The UK’s Most Popular Instagram Filter Has Been Revealed

A good filter can make the world of difference to a photograph.

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The UK’s most popular Instagram filter have been revealed in a bid to help ensure your snaps get as many shares, likes and comments as humanly possible.

With social media, an increasingly important part of our every waking moment, knowing how to achieve the best possible look on this picture-led platform can payoff.

Heck, it could be the difference between someone liking your latest culinary-led photo creation or that must-snap selfie you took on an evening out after work.

Phone specialist Envirofone has been busy putting the research together, with a special poll of some 1,006 Instagram users which reveals the nation’s five greatest filters.

Here are the top five, as demonstrated in their various shades.


 Lark (9%)


Crema (10%)


Nashville (12%)


Juno (13%)



Valencia (16%)

Commenting on the findings photographer, illustrator, and lecturer at Leeds College of Art, Richard Storrow said:

“The most popular filters deliver warm light, nostalgia and have slightly muted tones in favour of warming yellow. The filters are reminiscent of old film prints, which will always look cool. Valencia seems to be the most refined of the top five: it doesn’t have the heavier contrast of the Juno and Crema filters, so has more tone and depth.”

He also believes choosing the right filter and composition is vital to get noticed on social channels:

“Visually, it’s far more interesting to interact with photographs than with posts or journaling. Photographs look great on the smartphone screen, it’s easy to double-tap to interact with another user, and you’re on to the next post. Which is exactly why it’s so important for your photographs to be well composed, and well edited to stand out in the user feed.”


Do you know your Lark from your Crema though? To put your filter recognition skills to the test, go to:

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