The UK’s Most Adulterous Towns Have Been Revealed

Where do the most people cheat?

adulterousWhere are people most likely to cheat?

You might not think it, but the place you live can have a huge effect on your sex life.

It was recently revealed that sex drives vary HUGELY in different London boroughs, and now a study has been conducted which tests how likely different parts of the country are likely to cheat.

The most adulterous parts of the country have been revealed, and depending on where you’re from, it might make for worrying reading.

The nation’s cheating capital is… Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

According to to The Official Infidelity Index 2017, 1,146 people from the town are reportedly being unfaithful right now.

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A whooping 2.2% of the town’s population are cheating on their significant others, which is a pretty concerning stat.

In second place is Guildford, which is home to 1,303 cheaters (2.1%), while Wrexham is in third with 1,027 adulterers (1.89%).

The data was gathered via controversial site, which provides a dating service for married people.

Of course, it could just be a coincidence that so many cheaters are gathered in one place, but it’s got to be pretty worrying news for people that live there, right?

See the list of the top ten most adulterous towns in the UK below:

  1. Royal Tunbridge Wells
  2. Guilford
  3. Wrexham
  4. Maidenhead
  5. Ashford
  6. Taunton
  7. High Wycombe
  8. Livingstone
  9. Beeston
  10. Newcastle-under-Lyme


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