The UK’s Favourite Pie Has Been Revealed And It’s Not What You’d Think

Can you guess the nation’s most popular pastry?

Wayne Shaw enjoying a pie.
Wayne Shaw enjoying a pie Piegate Image BBC Sport

Who doesn’t love a good pie? Thousands of us eat pies in some form every day, and there’s never been a better time to celebrate them.

After all, they’ve been making headlines recently after Sutton United’s Wayne Shaw landed himself in hot water by controversially eating one during a game.

The story seemed to catch the imagination of the nation, and if nothing else, it reminded us all how bloody delicious they can be.

Now, a new study has revealed the nation’s favourite types of pie, and the results are pretty surprising.

According to data obtained by Search Laboratory ahead of British Pie Week, the UK’s most popular pie is actually the Cottage Pie.

The data is based on frequency of web-based searches, and a whopping 74,000 of us search for cottage pies every month.

It’s perhaps a little surprising to see the dish so high up on the list, and it’s also odd to see fish pie in the number two spot.

On the other hand, steak pies were surprisingly low-down on the list, and loaded‘s personal favourite, the pork performs pretty badly in eight place too.


See the top ten most popular pies below:

  1. Cottage pie – 74,000 searches
  2. Fish pie – 60,500 searches
  3. Shepherd’s pie – 14,800 searches
  4. Chicken & leek pie – 14,800 searches
  5. Chicken & mushroom pie – 12,100 searches
  6. Steak & ale pie – 9,900 searches
  7. Meat & potato pie – 5,400 searches
  8. Pork pie – 5,400 searches
  9. Steak & kidney pie – 4,400 searches
  10. Corned beef pie – 4,400 searches

They’re pretty surprising results. But whatever you make of them, it’s just great to see that pies are alive and well in 2017. Long may it continue.

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