The UK’s Cheapest Cities For A Pint Of Beer Have Been Revealed

By Jack Beresford

March 19, 2018

New research has revealed the UK’s best cities for anyone seeking a cheap pint of beer.

Knowing where the get the cheapest booze can pay off big time in every sense of the word, so it’s a relief to hear someone has gone and done the hard work for us.

The 2018 Alternative University League Table tots up a lot of very interesting things not seen in your standard higher education league tables.

Crime rates and average graduate salaries both feature but, for now, loaded is more focused on one specific area of the research: alcohol prices.

There’s good news for anyone living in Hull, the city boasting the cheapest average pint at just £2.40 a beer.

That’s well below the £3-a-pint average uncovered as part of the research. It’s also just ahead of Coventry (£2.50) and Leeds (£2.55) followed by Swansea, Bradford, Glasgow, Lancaster and Liverpool, with Birmingham placing 10th.

Guildford, meanwhile, placed last overall, at an average £4.50 a pint which was 50 pence higher than the London average of £4 a pint.

The full rankings read as follows:

A spokesman for Citibase Apartments, which compiled the research, said:

“We all know that the likes of Oxford and Cambridge regularly feature at the top of university league tables when it comes to student satisfaction and academic performance, but what about the other issues which matter to the students of today?

“After all, it’s important to consider more than just the academic factors before making the choice of where to study.”

Yeah, like beer prices.

So, in summary, if you really want an education in alcohol, Hull is the place to be. Otherwise, it’s probably better avoided.