The Ten Funniest Tinder Profiles You’ve Ever Seen

Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone-r

Imagine if Jennifer Lawrence was on Tinder.
Tinder Jennifer Lawrence is not on Tinder. Image Tinder

Tinder is usually rampant with unintentionally hilarious profiles. The dating app tends to garner a reputation for being merely a forum for ‘hooking up’ rather than meeting the love of your life.

Celebs are getting in on it too, allegedly Leonardo DiCaprio, Dave franco and Hilary Duff have given it a try once or twice. 


Sometimes however, Tinder users can be mighty funny on purpose and we found a bunch of examples to tickle your funny bone.

Check them out below and have a chuckle.





Honesty is always the best policy


We relate Alexa, psst call us.


That’s one large sword




She just destroyed the ginger stereotype with one look 



That’s just mean, Kelly




We LOL’d, we LOL’d so hard.



Cassie is a filthy, little genius



Better underestimate this one




Looks normal to us

Having a wicked sense of humour is always attractive as a matter of fact. Keep being funny tinder users it will always work to your advantage.

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