The Tamagotchi Has Been Resurrected With SIX New Versions

The return of this virtual pet is sparking some serious nostalgia

Did you kill your Tamagotchi? Image Bandai/

The Tamagotchi, the iconic digital pet many of us coveted in our childhoods, is back.

Bandai, the company behind the virtual pet, is re-releasing the original version on Amazon Japan with the name, ‘Tamagotchi Is Back!’

The eggs are almost the same as the original save for a smaller size. They also come is six different colours and characters. 

For those who don’t remember, the game involves hatching an egg that eventually grows into a digital character, but it can only survive if you take care of it during its growth by providing the essentials, i.e. food, shelter, and water. There is also some faecal management involved…


Tamagotchi blew up in the nineties with 76 million sold worldwide; it started in Japan, so it’s fitting that it re-hatches there too.

Since it faded into the void, there has been a wash of Tamagotchi films, cartoons, and video games to take its place, but there can only ever be one.

The resurgence has nineties kids in a flutter because it’s bringing back some serious memories from our youth. Social media is abuzz with the news, with many claiming they are ready to be parents again.

Though not available over here just yet, you can buy it on Amazon Japan for around £14. A bargain for virtual happiness. 

Thanks, Bandai.

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