The stunning photos of the man who shot The Revenant

Incredible landscape porn from filmmaker Emmanuel Lubezki.

The Revenant director of photography Emmanuel Lubezki's Instagram feed
Ready for a close-up Emmanuel Lubezki's Instagram feed puts everyone else's to shame. Image Picture Instagram/Emmanuel Lubezki

The Revenant’s pre-release hype might be circling around Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar hunt and that savage bear attack, but one key star of the film is getting overlooked amid the chatter.

Emmanuel Lubezki is The Revenant’s Oscar-winning director of photography who’s shot films for every big name director you can think of, including Gravity’s Alfonso Cuarón, Terrence Malick and Tim Burton.

The Revenant’s rugged landscapes of Northern Canada and Argentina, the icy-cold rivers, and that dazzling single-take money shot of DiCaprio on horseback were all captured by Lubezki. And if you want more where that came from look no further than his Instagram page, which boasts the kind of stunning imagery that makes our attempts at #nofilter sunsets look frankly pathetic.

Lubezki’s recent posts are pure landscape porn, showing off some of the wilderness locations used in the making of the film. Alongside that there’s his Faces Of R series – close-up portraits of some of the film’s supporting players.

The Revenant director of photography Emmanuel Lubezki's Instagram feed
Start the fire Chivo's The Revenant is tipped to win big at this year's Oscars. Image Picture Instagram/Emmanuel Lubezki

Over 170,000 follows isn’t bad for a man who says he’s knows nothing about social media and only jumped onboard because of his two daughters.

“I always love to take photos, but I didn’t really have an outlet because my work isn’t professional, so I cannot put it in a gallery. Instagram became a little bit like my gallery,” Lubezki told Deadline. “I said: ‘I have to put up a photo at least once a week, because that will push me into taking photographs,’ and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. It’s very hard, especially when you’re post-producing a movie, but it’s something that I like very much. And it is calming for me even though it’s another form of visual storytelling. It’s not the same as film because I can do it by myself.”

Surely it can’t be long before the man nicknamed Chivo gets a gallery exhibition or a photobook of his own? His eye for a still photo looks every bit as dramatic as his ability to capture landscapes on a film camera.

The Revenant is released on January 15.

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