The Stories Behind 7 Of The Most Notorious Pubs In London

How well do you know your famous boozers?

Notorious pubs
The Krays The notorious gangster pairing. Image Getty Images

There’s nothing like a good local boozer – knowing you can have a casual pint and a chat with the landlord or a few locals whenever you fancy is always a good thing.

Chances are though, your perfect little local is only well known in your area, and the average Joe wouldn’t have a clue if you brought it up in another part of the country.

The truth is, only select few pubs grow to have national, or even international reputations, and it’s normally for all the wrong reasons.

Really, only a handful of pubs are notorious across the country, and London is home to most of them.

Whether it be through criminality, reputation or even ghostly activity, you’ll find some of the most infamous watering holes in the world in the capital. Take a pub crawl around the most notorious boozers in London with loaded below:

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