Piers Morgan Meets The Sperminator: A Man With 29 Kids By 24 Women

College Professor Ari Nagel appeared during a bizarre interview on Good Morning Britain.

The Sperminator
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Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were left stunned following an interview with Ari Nagel, a colleague professor who has been dubbed “The Sperminator” after fathering 29 children by 24 different women.

Nagel is already something of a celebrity in the United States, having appeared on a raft of chat shows, but his appearance via satellite link on GMB marked his first major interview in the UK.

The story goes that about 10 years ago, “The Sperminator” answered an ad asking for a sperm donor and has since made it his life’s mission to travel around the world impregnating women who ask for his “seed”.

He’s not paid for his time but he has had flights paid for him by would-be mothers in such far-flung locations as Israel and claims to have “spread his seed” on request in fast-food restaurants and casinos. He even claims doctors have tested his “super sperm” and it is actually more potent than any standard IVF treatment.

Here’s a little background info on Nagel’s story so far:

Ari is hoping that one day he’ll be a 70-year-old man with hundreds of kids calling him grandpa. Therefore, his interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid was always likely to be an interesting one.

And while the college professor has already fathered 29 children, he apparently has another three on the way. Speaking on GMB, he also revealed that he keeps track of all of his kids via a very special spreadsheet which not only lists the mother’s names but also how they were conceived.

Some were conceived via a sperm clinic, others by “cup”, and a few by good old-fashioned intercourse. It’s entirely up to the woman involved, Ari says.

The Sperminator

And while 24 of his “partners” are happy enough, Nagel admitted he has been sued by at least five of them after refusing to pay child maintenance – he’s already paying child support to nine mothers.

It was almost too much for Morgan to comprehend. “I can’t decide having read your story whether you are a force for good or whether you’re the world’s biggest creep,” he said on the show.

Nagel doesn’t see any problem with it though. “It’s just two consenting adults starting a family,” he said. “Many of the mums are quite close to each other and we celebrate birthdays together … Our kids go on playdates together. It’s just a modern family.”


Nagel was also keen to stress that claims he approached women in café’s with cups full of sperm, ready for insemination, were wide of the mark. “I certainly don’t just approach them without their consent,” he said, while a visibly stunned Reid watched on.

“Many mums in the States are lesbians who can’t afford a fertility clinic as they’re not on many health insurance plans.” Morgan then posed the question literally no one was thinking: Was this all a ploy to have threesomes with lesbians? How the hell did you reach that conclusion, Piers?

Nagel wasn’t fazed though. “That’s certainly one of the perks, but that’s not why I’m doing it,” he said.”Most of the time they chose the methodology.”

The Sperminator

Reid eventually ended the interview, admitting “That was a bit too early for me for that level of detail” but there could be good news for one lucky lady.

Nagel also revealed in the interview he was looking to make another “donation” in the UK. Hands up who wants to have a child with a man called “The Sperminator”? Anyone?

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