The Sly Trick That Could Land You A Free Starbucks Coffee Every Day

Starbucks Coffee doesn’t come cheap but that’s still no excuse for these antics.

A coffee from Starbucks.
Coffee Starbucks style Image Starbucks

Exactly how far would you go to get your hands on a free cup of coffee from Starbucks every single day of the week?

Well, in the case of one java-lover the answer is pretty far indeed and the good news is that you can now too, provided you have the stomach for a bit of blatant blagging.

The ‘free Starbucks for life’ hack was first revealed by coffee barista Brad Halsey, posting on the Kitchenette website.

It’s all about one despicable guy and his very clever method for getting free coffee whenever he wants.

“There is a man who comes to my Starbucks every single day and orders the most horrible drink in an infuriating way,” Halsey wrote.

“He purchased 365 Starbucks cards and registered every one of them online with a different birthday so that he gets a ‘free birthday drink’ EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.”

Now while the terms and conditions of the Starbucks card appear to prohibit this kind behaviour, that’s really not much to stop you from trying it out.

If you do happen to get caught with over 300 Starbucks store cards on you, just don’t blame us.

(Where the hell does would you keep them anyway? Does this guy just stack them in order and pick up one each day?)

So which is it: would you rather people thought you were despicable or prefer a free cup of joe every morning? It’s a tough one…

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