The Simpsons bringing back classic character for 600th episode

He definitely knows what a nuclear panner plant is.

Homer chokes Bart in The Simpsons
Who's back from the dead in The Simpsons? Another classic character is returning alongside Frank Grimes Image Picture 20th Century Fox

Fans of classics Simpsons are in luck for the forthcoming 600th episode.

Matt Groening and showrunner Al Jean were on hand at this weekend’s Comic-Con to shed some light on what to expect for the landmark episode, which will air on October 16 and be a Treehouse of Horror Halloween special.

The episode will feature a Hunger Game spoof, have Kelsey Grammer back as Sideshow Bob with Sarah Silverman and Drew Carey in guest spots.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also the return of Homer’s mortal enemy Frank Grimes to look forward to.

Grimes, or ‘Grimey’ as Homer gleefully called him, first appeared in a season eight episode from 1997 with Simpsons regular Hank Azaria voicing the character.

The episode, titled Homer’s Enemy, saw Grimes join the Springfield nuclear power plant team and get increasingly wound up with Homer’s incompetence, stupidity and the fact that he’s leading a perfect family life.

Grimes died while attempting to mock his foe, electrocuting himself to death after claiming he didn’t need gloves because “I’m Homer Simpson!”.

Despite this high voltage demise, The Simpsons team have obviously found a way to revive him for one last showdown with Homer this Halloween.

Intriguingly, last October Grimes appeared in zombie form in the Treehouse of Horror episode’s couch gag, so the odds are strong on an undead version of the character for this latest comeback.

Let’s just hope it’s better than its semi-sequel from season 14, The Great Louse Detective, which saw the character’s son Frank Grimes Jr attempt to get revenge on Homer.

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