The Signs You’re Dating A Complete Sociopath, According To Dogs

Is your partner barking mad?

Is your partner a sociopath?
Is your partner a sociopath? This dog knows...

Love is an amazing feeling, and meeting a new partner is an exciting time in anyone’s life.

However, after that initial rush of passion and excitement, things can often play out totally differently to how you’d expect…

In fact, even the nicest-seeming people can often turn out to be complete sociopaths later down the line, and relationships can quickly spiral out of control.

Luckily, a list of eight tell-tale signs have been revealed, which can help you identify sociopathic tendencies in your partner before its too late… [via The Sun].

loaded thought we’d illustrate the list with amazing GIFs of dogs, because… why not? So, discover the eight sure-fire ways to tell if your partner is barking mad below…


She always says you’re being paranoid

paranoid dog GIF


She’s charming as hell… when she wants to be

swag dog gif


She’s a bit TOO exciting and fun

exciting and fun dog gif


She’s mean as hell

mean dog gif


She’s always lying and making up excuses

guilty dog gif


She never learns from her mistakes

dog falls over at Crufts GIF


She keeps cancelling on you last minute

dog one the phone GIF


Drama surrounds her wherever she goes

dramatic dog GIF

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