The Secret To A Happy Sex Life Has Been Revealed

How do you keep the magic alive in long-term relationships?

Sex In the bedroom

Scientists have revealed how to guarantee a happy sex life, and unearthed a few difficult truths on the way…

A new study has been conducted, which attempts to find the best way to keep the magic alive in long-term relationships [via Psychology Today].

So, what’s the secret to an amazing sex life? Well, you’ve got to work at it…

It might sound simple, but the study suggests that people who believe they’ve found ‘the one’, or their ‘soulmate’ often don’t put enough work into their sex lives, and end up neglecting the physical side of their relationships.

“People who believe in sexual destiny are using their sex life as a barometer for how well their relationship is doing, and they believe problems in the bedroom equal problems in the relationship as a whole,” said Jessica Maxwell from the University of Toronto.

Couple in bed

“Whereas people who believe in sexual growth not only believe they can work on their sexual problems, but they are not letting it affect their relationship satisfaction.”

1,900 people were asked about their sex lives to discover their attitudes towards the ideas of ‘sexual soulmate’ or ‘sexual growth’, and the stats showed that people who believed in the potential for ‘sexual growth’, and were willing to try new things in the bedroom had a much better connection during sex.

So, it turns out that attitude is way more important than we though when it comes to improving your sex life.

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