The Science Behind Why Beer Is Really Bad For You…In Space

Beer is one tipple not recommended in a galaxy far, far away

Spaceman brew Image Carlsberg

Astronauts aren’t allowed to get drunk in space or before they enter it says NASA. Especially when they head to Mars.

The topic has arisen since the race to the red planet has heated up between space agencies like NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. It will take years for human beings to arrive on Mars, why should alcohol be excluded from the cargo? Won’t they need something to pass the time? [via BBC]

Previously, the rules were a bit lax when it came to consuming a tipple or two above the earth’s atmosphere.

In the seventies, American astronauts Tom Stafford and Deke Slayton were given tubes of vodka to throw down during an Apollo and Soyuz meetup. The Russians aboard the soviet spacecraft brought the booze with them and the NASA astronauts took pictures for posterity.

Drinking in space could be problematic. Mostly due to the ‘soggy burp’ phenomenon, consuming carbonated booze like beer which needs gravity to settle properly in our stomachs. Without it, the belches that emit are wet and nasty.

Regarding drinking spirits, studies have proven that it’s not a good idea, based on what happens to our metabolisms at high altitudes. When NASA considered sending sherry up with their astronauts, it tested very badly in zero-G flights, causing a gag reflex.

Mars might just be dry as a bone, meanwhile we earthlings will still be getting drunk as the planet crumbles around us.

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