The Salt And Ice Challenge Has Gone Viral Again

The most dangerous online craze is back in a big way.

Salt and Ice challenge
Salt and Ice challenge The most dangerous viral trend Image Instagram/chase_guns170vlogs

There have been some pretty bonkers viral challenges over the years – who remembers planking, or one finger selfies? – but the Salt And Ice Challenge might be the craziest of the lot.

First rising to popularity a few years ago, the dangerous trend is experiencing a renaissance in 2017, after hundreds of social media users subjected themselves to a whole lot of ice-based pain.

So what is the challenge? Well, it involves pouring salt on your arm, before placing an ice cube over it.

Sound ok, right? Wrong…

The combination creates what’s known as a ‘eutectic frigorific mixture’, which gets REALLY cold very quickly, and can reach temperatures as low as -28 °C.

The challenge has left people with some pretty nasty wounds, as the pictures below show:

The after affects of the #saltandicechallenge

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To be honest, after seeing some of these injuries, it’s hard to see the appeal of the trend, but people are still doing it every day online.

See just how painful the trend can be in the video below:

Things are getting so bad in fact, that the NSPCC is sending out warnings to protect children from the dangers of the craze.

Come on kids, isn’t it time to leave the salt at home and do something fun instead?

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