The Safest Place To Sit On An Airplane Has Been Revealed

Nervous flyer? This might make you feel better.

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Plenty of people get nervous before a flight, and the idea of hurtling through the sky at 30,000 feet can be pretty scary at times.

Thankfully though, a new study has been conducted by TIME to find the safest seat on a plane, and it might make worried travellers feel more comfortable the next time they fly.

So, is it safer to sit in a window seat, or an aisle seat? Well, the findings show that the best place to sit is actually right at the back – in a middle seat.

According to the magazine, the seats in the middle of the plane are actually by far the most dangerous places to sit [via AOL].

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“The middle of the cabin, historically, has the highest overall fatality rates–more specifically the middle aisle seats….” according to the findings.

However, passengers are much more likely to survive the unlikely event of a crash in the middle seats in the rear of the plane.

“The fatality rate [in rear middle seats] is 28%, compared to 44% [in the aisle seats in the middle].”

The study, which was based on analysis of 17 crashes over the past 30 years, also found that the two rows of seats next to the emergency exit are amongst the safest too.

So there you have it – even the most fretful of flyers might feel a little bit safer next time they travel after reading this.

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