The Reason People Who Cheat Can Never Stop At Once

One in five people cheat - but why?

Cheat The effect of infidelity

Sadly, we live in a time where fidelity is becoming rarer and rarer…

A recent YouGov poll found that one in five people admitted to cheating on their partner at some point in their relationship, and the stats are only getting worse.

Now, new research has shown that people who cheat are very unlikely to stop at just the one time.

Rather than seeing it as a mistake, or a regrettable moment of weakness, new stats showed that people are more likely to cheat again.

A scientific paper titled The Brain Adapts To Dishonesty, published for Nature Neuroscience, suggests that every time someone lies about being unfaithful, people feel less and less guilty every time.

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That means every time a person cheats, it actually becomes a little bit easier for them to lie to their partner.  

Explaining the findings, author Neil Garrett spoke to Elite Daily, saying: “With serial cheaters, it could be the case that they initially felt bad about cheating, but have cheated so much they’ve adapted to their ways and simply don’t feel bad about cheating any more.

“Another possibility is that they never felt bad about cheating to begin with, so they didn’t need adaptation to occur, they were comfortable with it from the get-go.”

It’s pretty depressing news, but just remember kids – cheaters never prosper.

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