The Real-Life Wolf Of Wall Street House Is On Sale For $3.4m

Featuring the coolest games room you've ever seen...

Wolf Of Wall Street
Wolf Of Wall Street Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2013 movie Image Paramount pictures

You can now own the house that inspired the one seen in Wolf Of Wall Street, its gone on the market in the US. 

If you fancy yourself as the next Jordan Belfort, you can pick up the former home of the maverick trader for a cool $3.4 million.

The estate at in 5 Pin Oak Court, Glen Head, Long Island features all the excess and glamour as the home of Leonardo Di Caprio’s character in the movie.

Set across a huge 8,706 square feet, the five-bedroom mansion is packed with cool features and incredible rooms.

Wolf of Wall Street house


It’s difficult to know where to start, but the living room is “ballroom sized”, and as bombastic as you’d expect from a man who was worth $200m at his 90s peak.

The master bedroom has its own wing of the house, and features a ridiculous four-poster bed and fireplace too.

Wolf of Wall Street house


There’s also a walk-in dressing room, which was presumably full of Belfort’s ridiculously expensive suits at one point. It also includes a sky mural, obviously.

Wolf of Wall Street house


There’s also a gym – which is actually bigger than most of the gyms in London – as well as a separate pool house, which is probably worth LOADS on its own.

For our money though, the coolest room has to be the billiards room, which is complete with a fully functioning bar and ridiculously grand coffered ceiling – the ultimate games room.

Wolf of Wall Street house Wolf of Wall Street house


As well as being one of the coolest houses we’ve ever seen, it’s got a pretty incredible history too: the house was seized by the government back in 2001 and later sold to help pay back the people he defrauded on the way to the top.

It may have been home to one of the most manipulative and greedy traders that ever lived, but it doesn’t stop 5 Pin Oak Court being one of the coolest houses loaded has ever seen.

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