The Punisher Reveals Release Date In Brutal New Trailer

This is fast shaping up to be the best Netflix Marvel series yet.

Jon Bernthal in The Punisher
Jon Bernthal is the Punisher Coming back to Netflix soon. Image Netflix/YouTube

The Punisher looks set to bring bloody, visceral violence to Netflix next month and, if the latest trailer for the new series is anything to go by, it’s going to be the best Marvel TV series yet.

After the lukewarm response that greeted Netflix’s Avengers-lite series, The Defenders, the streaming giant looks set for a return to form thanks to arguably the most controversial figure in the entire Marvel universe.

The Punisher is a character bathed in blood and while Lexi Alexander’s criminally underrated Punisher: War Zone did a fine job of capturing the violent chaos at the heart of the character’s mythology, it went largely unheralded.

Things will be different this time though; Netflix has already tested the waters by introducing Frank Castle via Daredevil and, on first glimpse, looks to have recaptured some of the tone of Alexander’s overlooked film, albeit with a contemporary and more crowd-pleasing twist.

The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal plays Frank Castle, the ex-marine intent on doling out bloody justice following the death of his family.

In the new series, we catch up with Frank, haunted by his military past and embroiled in a new and deadly conspiracy.

The series looks set to touch on his time in the Marines and the death of his family and could yet see one of The Punisher’s signature villains introduced to the series.

Actor Ben Barnes has been cast as the character Billy Russo in the upcoming series. In this version of the story, Russo is an old military friend of Franks who runs the dodgy private military company Anvil.

While it seems like Barnes’ character will be a villain, some fans may not realise that, in the comics, Russo goes on to become Jigsaw – the heavily disfigured and criminally insane villain that goes up against the Punisher.

Ben Barnes has been cast as Jigsaw.
Ben Barnes and Jigsaw The actor will transform into Punisher's deadliest foe Image Getty/Marvel

Dominic West previously played the character in Punisher: War Zone – will Barnes be up to the task of filling those sizeable shoes?

Punisher Season One arrives on Netflix on November 17.

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