“The Poo Challenge” Is The Biggest Money Saving Trend Of 2017

Your trips to the toilet could be saving you a fortune.

Poo Emoji
Poo Emoji No laughing matter

Most of are feeling the pinch after an expensive Christmas, but someone has come up with a great new money saving challenge that could help you put some much-needed cash away.

It’s been revealed that the number one (or should that be number two?) money saving trend of 2017 is the “Poo challenge”.

Now, we’re all used to spending a penny when we visit the bathroom, but spending a pound whenever you use the toilet could actually be the key to putting cash away this year.

It’s a dead simple concept – put a jar in the bathroom, and place a pound coin in it every time you visit the loo [via The Mirror].

A selection of toilet signs.

It’s simple, yet ingenious. Think about it – if you go on average once a day you’ll have saved a healthy £365 over the course of the year, and if heaven forbid you go more than once a day… well, the money saving possibilities are endless.

If you fancy taking it a step further, Top Cashback recently challenged people to – literally – spend a penny every time they used the bathroom, which racked up to an impressive £255.50 over a 12 month period.

Your trips to the toilet could be saving you a fortune – who knew?

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