The Perfect Times To Use The Toilet On An Airplane Revealed

Your definitive guide to taking a shit at 35,000 feet

Airplane toilet
Airplane toilet Here's how to enjoy toilet trips at 35,000 feet

Using the toilet on an airplane can be an absolutely nightmare.

In fact, pooping at 35,000 feet is rarely a pleasurable experience. It’s cramped, there’s usually a long queue hurrying you up, and taking a number 2 during turbulence can be stressful as hell.

However, flight attendants have revealed the two best times to use the toilet on a plane, and it might just change your travelling experience forever.

Erika Roth, a former flight attendant with seven years experience, told Mel Magazine that there are two points in a flight which might guarantee you ten minutes peace and quiet on the loo.


The first slot is apparently right after the seat belt signs turn off. It makes perfect sense if you think about it – it’ll be quite early into the flight, which means people won’t be desperate for the loo just yet, and as it’s been unused, it’ll also be totally clean.

The next best time to go is just as the drinks service is being rolled out down the plane. People are more likely to hold on and get served before going to the loo at this point, meaning you can nip off to the toilet and take your time.

Timing your toilet trips just right could be the perfect way to relieve the stress of flying, and improve your travelling experiences no end. Happy travels!

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