The One Where Chandler Dies is the bleakest Friends episode ever

Joey will never be the same again...

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Despite ending more than a decade ago, you still can’t get away from Friends.

Whether it’s endless repeats on Comedy Central, cast reunions or fan theories sprouting up across Reddit, the six Central Perkers are still very much in the public consciousness.

Alas, it looks like there’ll never be more Friends episodes, but one YouTuber has put together a ‘new’ instalment based on pre-existing footage to create an entirely new story for Rachel, Ross, Joey and Co.

Dogfood, seemingly not satisfied with how Friends finished in 2004, has come up with a 16-minute alternate finale that’s described as “at once very bleak, but also existential, spooky and uplifting”.

The reason? It deals with the death of Matthew Perry’s Chandler and the shockwaves it sends throughout the group.

Stripped of the show’s signature laughter track, it’s the darkest, most depressing episode of Friends you’ll ever clap your eyes on.

Comprised of 125 visual effects taken across 125 episodes, it’s a fairly spectacular (and surreal) undertaking from a single person.

And it looks like it’s paying off. Launched without any fanfare, it’s amassed 50,000 views in its first couple of days and looks to be snowballing.

“Can this video ‘be’ more incredible?” asks YouTube commenter Avish Jain.

No it can’t Avish, no it can’t…

Watch the Friends remix The One Where Chandler Dies below:

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