The Ocean’s 8 Trailer Is Great But There’s Still Too Much James Corden

The all-female Ocean's Eleven spin-off is shaping up nicely, save for one thing.

The first full trailer for Ocean’s 8 has arrived and the good news is that the all-female crime caper is shaping up nicely.

There’s just one small blot in this particular copybook and it’s one that was present in the first teaser trailer for the film: James Corden.

While that first sneak peek hinted at Corden having a small role in the film, this trailer appears to suggest his part may be a little larger, which is unfortunate.

There are countless millions out there that no doubt find Corden’s particular brand of humour, acting or whatever you want to call it, endearing. Not everyone though.

In fact, plenty of fans on Twitter have hit out at his presence in yet another promo for the film despite the fact he’s not starring.

And in a film where some of the world’s biggest and best female stars are about to take centre stage, he’s an unwanted presence.

Do the filmmakers think his inclusion is going to make this a more appealing prospect? Like all those dickheads complaining about this being an all-female spin-off are going to be won round once they see the ladmeister himself in the thick of things.

No and his very presence is an unnecessary distraction. And that’s forgetting the fact he appears to have forgotten how to act. But all of this is getting in the way of what is a fine trailer for a film that is, Corden aside, shaping up nicely.

The plot for the film seems simple enough: Sandra Bullock’s Debbie Ocean is out of prison and is already hatching a plan.

She therefore recruits some of the best and brightest to help her pull off a heist at Met Gala, an event dripping in diamonds and jewellery

“Why do you need to do this?” Lou, played by Cate Blanchett, asks Ocean. “‘Cuz it’s what I’m good at,” Ocean replies.

The film stars Bullock, Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna, and Helena Bonham Carter.

Now if someone could just start a petition to get Corden removed from the movie. Or better yet, release a cut with Christopher Plummer in his role? Just a thought.

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