The Neighbour writer discusses plans for Saw reboot in 2017

Patrick Dunstan, who wrote four Saw sequels, has had his say on what to expect.

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Marcus Dunstan knows his horror movies.

The writer of some four Saw sequels as well as Piranha 3DD and the criminally underrated home invasion horror, The Collector, which he also directed along with it’s follow-up The Collection, he got his big break in the genre on the US reality show Project Greenlight.

Hand-picked by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to turn the script for his comedic action gore fest Feast into a feature, he went on to write two sequels to the cult hit, cementing his reputation in the industry in the process.

Now a little older and wiser, Dunstan was most recently working with Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow (“He’s such an exciting force to be reckoned with,” Dunstan tells us) on an unspecified science fiction project which we are told is definitely not Star Wars Episode IX.

He’s also written and directed another horror movie with 2016’s The Neighbour already earning excellent reviews for its tale a troubled man’s journey into the dark secrets that lie beyond his own picket fence.

“I’ve always liked exploring the theme of bad and worst,” he told loaded.

“The idea was to take someone who would have been a villain in his own movie, but in this story he’s interrupted by someone going through a far more horrific journey.

“And the more that they collide the more they realise that they are similar – but one is willing to do a whole lot more in the realm of villainy.”

It’s a theme Dunstan has explored previously in his work on the Saw franchise and it’s something he believed will continue in the long-awaited sequel to the popular horror franchise.

“From what I understand It’s happening,” he confirms, adding “I will be excited to see what fresh blood does with that.”

“What was great about John Kramer was that he was this killer that didn’t kill. He solved people’s puzzles”

Slated for an October 2017 release, the new movie is being written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger with The Spierig Brothers, who last worked on the critically lauded Predestination, on directorial duties. 

As someone who was involved in four of the seven Saw films released to date, Dunstan also has a clear idea of the direction the new instalment could take.

“The great engine of saw was social commentary. If they can find something timely or thematic that is of the time it could really work,” he explains.

“What was great about John Kramer was that he was this killer that didn’t kill. He solved people’s puzzles. He would put people in a room with the worst of themselves and set it to a clock.”

The Saw Legacy Poster
Saw VIII Coming in October 2017 Image Lionsgate

Can we expect a clever Donald Trump pastiche passing as a Saw film then? Or maybe something that addresses the global economic climate (again) or even goings on in the Middle East?

“There is always room for horror films that offer some sort of social commentary like this.”

“What I liked about Saw was that there was always something of the detective genre about the films and a social reference point that asked: why are people broken? What are they waiting for?”

With over a year left until the new film’s release, fans still have some time to wait for the new sequel but with The Neighbour in cinemas and video on demand now – don’t miss it.

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