The N64 Classic Goldeneye Just Got A Sequel Based On Goldfinger

its 100 per cent unofficial but also 100 per cent awesome.

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For gamers of a certain age the mere mention of the word “Goldeneye” will stir up great memories of days spent playing the greatest title to ever grace the Nintendo 64.

Goldeneye had it all: an awesome, multi-layered single player mode as well as the capabilities to play up to three of your mates in the excellent multiplayer mode, which also boasted a wealth of options.

It’s still regarded as one of the greatest games ever made and is certainly the best game to have ever been based on a movie.

Released over 20 years ago now, Goldeneye continues to captivate fans and programmers alike.

Which is perhaps why a couple of genius modders decided to create an unofficial sequel of sorts, based on another excellent Bond movie: Goldfinger.

The result is Goldfinger 64, an almost entirely new Goldeneye-inspired game boasting 20 missions, cut scenes galore and levels based on memorable scenes from the classic Sean Connery movie.

There are new sound effects, background music, and even the option to drive iconic vehicles like 007’s famous Aston Martin.

It’s not coming out on the N64 or anything, of course, but is available to download and play online.

There’s even a trailer, offering more info and a glimpse of the game in action. While it will never quite live up to the standards set by Goldeneye all those years ago, this looks like a must-play for anyone with fond memories of the original.

It’s also likely to be a lot of fun for anyone who remembers the movie well, with Oddjob present and correct in the one player mode this time, rather than simply as a bonus playable character in the multiplayer setting.

With Nintendo already developing a mini NES and SNES to tap into the retro gaming market, loaded reckons it won’t be too long before a mini-N64 comes along.

Goldeneye will undoubtedly be the first game included in any built-in offering – but here are a few suggestions for what may also feature.

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