The McDonald’s Secret Menu Dessert Item Taking The World By Storm

Move over McFlurry, your time is up and there’s a new dessert in town.

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There’s a new dessert craze at McDonald’s that’s sweeping the world – but you won’t find it on any ordinary menu.

It’s called the McFlurry sandwich and, as you probably guessed by now, it involves a pretty generous dollop of the aforementioned ice cream.

But that’s not even the best part; the McFlurry sandwich is made using two chocolate chip cookies that serve as the bread to this super-sweet snack.

This unique secret menu item was created by one Twitter user in the US, who was quick to share his creation online, for the masses to enjoy.

it’s proven to be quite popular with fans online too, with the tweet amassing over 50,000 likes and nearly 20,000 retweets.

It’s not rocket science to make over here either – you just order two cookies and a McFlurry, which should total just under £2.

Then it’s just a case of combining the two using the spoon that comes with your McFlurry. Honestly, loaded shouldn’t even need to tell you this, it’s obvious.

Still, it could be a nice alternative to the usual dessert offerings like apple pies or one of those doughnuts.

And it’s the latest addition to the ever-expanding list of secret menu options on offer at McDonald’s, which include the McGangBang and the Land Air and Sea Burger – both of which are delicious.

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