The Mc10:35: McDonald’s Most Elusive Secret Menu Item

The Mc10:35 is available for just half an hour. That’s 30 minutes of McDonald’s perfection.

McDonald's Mc10:35 The dream is real

Some myths are so outlandish they simply cannot be true. Dragons, for example, could never be real. Nothing that big and featherless could ever fly, let alone breathe fire.

Other myths, however, do contain that single grain of truth that gives hope to so many out there. The Mc10:35 Burger is one of them.

Undoubtedly the rarest McDonald’s secret menu hack in existence, the Mc10:35 Burger answers the age old question: What if I want to eat stuff off both the breakfast and the lunch menu.

Existing for a limited time every day from 10:30 to 11am (hence the name) it combines the time-honoured early morning favourite the Egg McMuffin with that most versatile of burgers, the double cheeburger.

The construction process is simple enough as per

Begin by ordering an Egg McMuffin. Now order a double cheeseburger.

Remove the cheeseburger’s patties, along with the accompanying cheese, and gently place directly into the Egg McMuffin, ideally between the egg and muffin bun.

Hey presto, you have the Mc10:35, the perfect way to start the day if you plan on immediately returning to bed with chest pains and a sudden sense of regret.

Just kidding of course. It’s absolutely incredible and could change the way you view McDonald’s forever.

Just remember though; it’s only available for one magic half hour each and every day.

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