The Last Jedi: The Fan Theories Surrounding Episode VIII’s Title

Don't worry, the last Jedi is not Jar Jar Binks.

Episode VIII's title is already sparking theories among fans Image © 2017 Disney

The title of Star Wars’ Episode VIII was one of the most awaited events of 2017, and now that it is finally here, what does it mean?

Many Star Wars experts and diehard fans have already begun to speculate about the title: The Last Jedi. Who is this last Jedi? Is it Luke? Is it perhaps Rey? Is Mark Hamill finally going to speak in this instalment? So many questions.

The first theory (and the most valid) is that, of course, the last Jedi is Luke Skywalker. After all, the rolling intro credits from The Force Awakens do refer to Leia’s twin as the last Jedi, quite literally. This theory sparks a bit of fear among fans, as they think this title means Luke is going to die, a la Yoda, because The Force Awakens had a similar plot to A New Hope, and The Last Jedi is shaping to look like The Empire Strikes Back –although Yoda didn’t “die” until Return of the Jedi.

But let’s try to ignore plots about Luke dying, because we can’t believe Disney would be so mean to fans and give us the deaths of everyone in the original trio (since it has already been confirmed that Carrie Fisher’s Leia won’t be back via CGI for Episode IX).

Another theory could reinterpret the title as the last Jedi with “proper” training. It sounds silly (like most theories), but what if Luke is the last Jedi of his kind, and Rey is a new type of Jedi, a Jedi that is simply “born” with that knowledge living within her, unbeknownst to her? This is a much more complicated theory, but certainly one that doesn’t imply Luke’s death. Although it is quite likely that we will see Luke training Rey in Ahch-To, so this theory might not work at all.

But, what if the last Jedi is someone else entirely? What if Jedi refers to both Luke and Rey? What if Kylo has a change of heart and becomes a Jedi? What if this means there is going to be a spin-off of Obi Wan’s life in Tatooine between episodes III and IV, and we will get two hours of Ewan McGregor hanging out in the sand? One can only hope.

Or maybe this title is just a way of apologising to Mark Hamill for not having given him a single line of dialogue in The Force Awakens? Let’s just go with that one, shall we?

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