The Kurt Russell Classic Backdraft Is Getting A Sequel

There hasn't been a better film about firefighting before or since.

Backdraft starring Kurt Russell.

The greatest firefighter movie of all time, Backdraft starring Kurt Russell, could be in line for a sequel no one saw coming.

According to a report from Moviehole, Universal has already approached a director about helming a belated follow-up and filming could start as early as next month. The working title is simply Backdraft II and location work has already started on the project, which will have strong links to the original.

Released back in 1991 and directed by Ron Howard, the original Backdraft told the story of two brothers who grow up to become rival firefighters following the death of their father. Lt. Stephen “Bull” McCaffrey (Russell) has got marital problems while Brian McCaffrey (William Baldwin) is cocky as hell.

However, the pair are eventually able to put their volatile differences aside to track down the identity of a serial arsonist terrorising Chicago. The film boasted a memorable supporting cast that included Robert De Niro as a badly-burned arson investigator, Donald Sutherland as an incarcerated and borderline insane arsonist and Jennifer Jason Leigh as Baldwin’s love interest.

A classic 90s thriller that was also able to incorporate elements of the traditional disaster movie, Backdraft won three Oscars for its special effects and fared well at the box office. The benchmark for all fire-fighting movies since, there simply hasn’t been a better movie like it since, with the closest being the Joaquin Phoenix/John Travolta effort Ladder 49.

According to Moviehole, the new film will apparently focus on the son of Russell’s character, who holds a grudge about his uncle’s actions in the first film. Now an investigator with the Chicago F.D., he has to confront arms dealers who use deadly fires as a distraction.

Spanish director Gonzalo López-Gallego, best known for the horror movies Apollo 18 and Open Grave, is apparently in line to direct the project with Baldwin potentially returning to reprise his role as McCaffery.

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