The Kitchen Of The Future Has A Beer And Pizza Robot And Unlimited Cereal

All we heard was 'pizza robot'

The Jetsons in their space kitchen Image Hanna-Barbera Warner Bros. Televison

A group of German students just created the kitchen of the future, and there’s beer Marty!

USA Today College took a look-see at how the creation of this structure went down. It was built after a survey was conducted by a charitable foundation who visited two German universities to collect the data from 18 to 25-year-olds. 

‘According to young designers, the kitchen of the future should be a gathering place for people and their pets, with natural surfaces, a place for composting, and fresh cereal always on tap.’




What kind of cereal, though? loaded loves Krave. Is there Krave in this future kitchen?

Besides the array of breakfast food, there is also a robot at your service in case you don’t feel like cooking. They are there to deliver pizza or whatever you feel for while you put your feet up. There’s also a giant, blackboard wall aimed for introspective murals and shopping lists. 




Millennials are also more likely to have pets so, therefore, a dog or cat feeding station has been included. Along with a social-friendly island that allows family, friends, and robots to gather in the round.

The beer and pizza robot is probably the coolest idea, it looks like a mini-fridge but contains within it a beer tap, wine rack and a place for food. It also puts itself away between the cabinets.




We need this in our imaginary mansions ASAP.

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