The Jurassic Dead Is Jurassic Park Meets The Walking Dead

This could be about to blow Sharknado out of the water.

Every once in a while, a film concept comes along that leaves you with no other option than to simply stand and applaud.

The Jurassic Dead is one of those movies and an idea that will leave you asking, “How has no one thought of this before?”

It really is exactly what it says on the tin: a zombie movie about zombie dinosaurs. Because what better thing to turn into zombies than dinosaurs.

The film is the brainchild of writer/director Milko Davis, who appears to be keeping his tongue firmly in his cheek if the first, lo-fi trailer for the film is anything to go by.

Don’t expect to see any household names involved though, with a cast featuring Matt Block, Wes Clark, Julie Crisante and Andy Haman. No, you’re not going mad, we’ve never heard of any of those people either.

What we do know, however, is that the combination of dinosaur and zombie is a winning one that’s likely to result in some pretty memorable cinematic moments. So many questions spring to mind: How did this happen? Will there be zombie raptors? If dinosaurs can become zombies does that mean other animals can too?

Anyway, the official synopsis for the movie, along with an eye-catching poster, have been released online and only add to the excitement surrounding the project:

“A unit of mercenaries must team up with a group of tech-geek students after American is struck with an EMP attack. Deep in the desert, they find the source of the terror, a mad scientist who has also just created a living dead T-Rex dinosaur, one who turns everyone it attacks into a zombie. Now they must scramble to stay alive and save the planet from the ultimate undead predator.”

The Jurassic Dead will be out this summer. The sooner the better.

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