The Jeff Daniels Classic Arachnophobia Is Getting Remade

Will Jeff Daniels or John Goodman return though?

The poster for arachnophobia.

One of the most striking spider-based horror movies to ever emerge out of mainstream Hollywood is getting the reboot treatment.

Directed by long-time Steven Spielberg collaborator Frank Marshall and starring Jeff Daniels and John Goodman, Arachnophobia centered on a deadly Venezuelan spider, which ends up being transported to a quiet American town with deadly results.

It doesn’t take long before the spider has mated with another arachnid to create a deadly hybrid the begins killing off the town’s residents one by one.

With a title referring to the pathological fear of spiders, it’s likely that Marshall’s film probably created a few cases of arachnophobia itself.

After all, it’s a thoroughly terrifying affair and one that left a pretty big impression on anyone that watched it thanks to a series of tension-filled set pieces.

All of a sudden, anyone watching Arachnophobia found themselves checking hats, showers and even their slippers for signed of potentially deadly eight-legged creatures.

A modest hit upon release back in 1990, the film remains a staple of Sunday afternoon television, despite its surprisingly scary moments.

It’s evidently got fans in Hollywood too after Deadline revealed that The Conjuring’s James Wan is producing a reboot of the original film.

Though the project is still in the very early stages of development, Wan has a good track record with horror, meaning any new version is likely to retain the dramatic tension and less-is-more approach of the original.

There’s no word yet on whether Goodman or Daniels will return, though its likely Wan will look to fill the cast with younger faces, as is the norm in horror.

Goodman could be available though, following the sudden cancellation of Roseanne and, having played a pest control/bug expert in the original, looks the more likely to return.

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