This Gloriously Cheesy 80s Euro Pop Hit Is Kim Jong-un’s Favourite Song

The North Korean leader has surprisingly western tastes when it comes to music.

Kim Jong-un approves of this calendar.Image Getty

Kim Jong-un is not a cool dude. His track record of human rights atrocities and threats of nuclear Armageddon prove that.

But if any further proof were needed of just how much of a uncool douchebag the North Korean is were needed, his taste in “pop” music should suffice.

According to several former classmates of Kim Jong-un, who attended school alongside the communist dictator during his time in Switzerland, he had something of a fondness for 80s pop.

Kim spent his formative years away from North Korea receiving a first-class education. Reports suggest he was either a model student or general layabout. It really depends on who you beleive.

Anyway, Kim was not into your standard A-Ha-style  80s pop or something with a little retro cool to it – we mean pop as in euro pop. The kind of euro pop that never made it to English shores.

According to a report from The Telegraph, which came back in 2010 before Kim Jong-un took charge following the death of Kim Jong-il, he had a fondness for the German electropop group Modern Talking.

One track, in particular, was Kim’s favourite – the band’s cover of Brother Louie.

Originally recorded by Hot Chocolate back in 1973, it charted in the UK top 10 back then. Recorded and released by Modern Talking in January 1986, the song went on to hit the top of the charts in Germany and Sweden.

It’s also been covered by rappers Code Red and Bon Jovi, but few versions compare to this intensely 80s effort. You can just imagine Kim jamming out to it in his younger days, daydreaming of world domination like so many teens his age.

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