The Highest Earning Stars In WWE Have Been Revealed

Who's the highest paid wrestler in the world today?

Triple H WWE wrestling star
Triple H The WWE hero is likely to feature Image Getty

The annual earnings of the biggest WWE stars on the planet have been revealed, and they make for pretty interesting money.

Wrestling is huge business all around the world, and it’s no surprise that the biggest WWE stars take home some serious money.

Sadly though, there isn’t a single female fighter in the top ten, although that could all be about to change with the new high-profile all-woman wrestling tournament coming to the sport very soon.

These are the highest paid wrestlers according to Forbes, calculated via the wrestlers’ contracts, pay documents and WWE’s public filings.


Randy Orton

WWE star Randy Orton


Randy Orton took a cool $1.9m in earnings this year, breaking him into the top ten.



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