These Are The Greatest Games Rooms The UK Has To Offer

Watch, admire, soak in it and take lots of notes.

An incredible man cave.
What a man cave. That's some achievement.

Everyone dreams of being able to escape to their very own fortress of solitude – a man cave or games room, if you will – where they can while away the hours on pool tables, pinball machines and table football.

Maybe you dream of washing it down with a few beers or cocktails from your custom-made bar, while your favourite song plays on your very own jukebox.

But what sounds like a dream to some is very much a reality for others up thanks to companies like Home Leisure, one of the leading trailers for all things cave-related.

They have just launched the 2017 edition of the Games Room of the Year competition, which invites these man cave dwellers to send in pictures on info on these special spaces with a £3,000 cash prize up for grabs.

And with the competition already hotting up, they have only gone and shared some of the best entries so far with loaded. Here are just a few of the greatest games rooms this country has to offer.


Steve Simmons

An incredible man cave.
What a man cave. That's one hell of a games room.
The first entry comes from Steve, who hails from Shenley, Hertfordshire and has been busy steadily putting together his games room from scratch. The results are pretty spectacular too. “It’s such a great place for having a ball,” he adds. Not a literal ball, obviously.
Steve’s games room sees a bar, pool table, table football and home cinema all incorporated into an immaculately finished set up, that provides a luxurious setting for him to enjoy in his downtime.



Sean Fenney

A classic games room
That's a lot of arcade machines. Which is only a good thing, right?
Sean is from Oldham in Greater Manchester and he believe is games room is totally unique. He event built/renovated three of the machines himself, for starters. 
Many years ago Sean owned an Addams Family pinball machine and he was always playing at the arcades through the 70’s and 80’s. When asked about his Games Room, Sean said: “It’s a dream come true to be able to play all my favourite games in the comfort of my own home.”


Darren Stout

A cosy and comfortable games room.
Cosy and comfortable Great for gaming.
Darren is from Gillingham in Kent and he certainly loves a pun. When asked about his games room he replied with: “Mario-my-gosh, you’ve got to love my arcade games room, certainly Pac-s a punch with all my retro games and systems.”
Darren’s games room has signed Nintendo figures, rare games and an 80 inch projected screen to play them on. His 10 foot high ceilings avoid bruised heads, and a comfy sofa for movies too! Darren has a pool table which he purchased from Home Leisure Direct.


Carolyn Wong

Another classic games room.
That pool table converts So you can play air hockey too!
Carolyn is from Coham in Surrey and is a huge lego lover and the standout female entrant this year. Her games room is lego inspired for all age groups and aims to get the family to spend more time together. With Ping Pong, Snooker and Air Hockey she certainly has no trouble achieving that! 
When asked about her Games Room, she came back to us with a short poem:
“Lego, lego everywhere,
Come play snooker if you dare.
Rain or shine my games room is tight,
Because kids young and old love game room night!”


Howard Groyer

A pinball machine-heavy games room.
Pinball! As far as the eye can see.
Howard is from Borehamwood near Watford and after leaving his home country of South Africa behind yearned for a games room.
When asked about his man cave, Howard revealed: “My wife never wanted a games room. With only weeks left before planning permission would lapse, she had a change of heart.” And now finally, Howard has a games room right next to his son’s and now they can play together. 


Phil Rowe

A classic games room.
The best of both worlds. A strong contender.
Phil is from Macclesfield. With a smaller room, he explained that he had tried other options like having a pool table but now believes he has achieved what he wants as there is ”something for everyone in a small room“.
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