Law enforcement Invention ‘The Grappler’ Could Bring End To High Speed Car Chases

It’s called the Grappler and it’s here to seriously f**k up your day…

The Grappler anti-pursuit device.
The Grappler Could bring an end to police chases. Image The Grappler

If there’s one thing to be gleaned from shows like Police Camera Action! and World’s Wildest Police Videos it’s that high-speed pursuit, while incredibly dangerous, make for fantastic television.

But the days of watching Alistair Stewart tut at the sight of some reckless driving or America’s equivalent, John Bunnell, losing his shit at a mental motorist could soon be at an end thanks to the Grappler – the latest innovation in the fight against high speed pursuits.

Looking like something straight out of a James Bond movie, the device allows police to remotely deploy a high-strength net from the car’s bumper which, when wrapped around the wheels of the automobile they are pursuing brings it to a halt.

The invention of Arizona resident Leonard Stock, the idea came to him after watching his fair share of high-speed pursuits on TV.

“The conclusion of one of the chases was an innocent motorist getting t-boned and I went to sleep that night just so aggravated that this was happening,” he told Fox10.

“And I woke up at 3:00 in the morning just suddenly and this was the first thought I had.”

The result of some eight years of research and development, The Grappler could not only bring an end to high speed chases of any description but, in doing so, could ensure countless lives are saved and injuries avoided.

Criminals may want to think twice before making their next getaway.

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