The Grand Tour Is Back On Track With Some “Meaty” Cars in Episode Four

The trio triumphs with “Enviro-mental” and proves they succeed even when they fail.

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The Grand Tour Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are ready for action. Image Picture Amazon

Clarkson, Hammond and May are back in Whitby for the fourth episode of their new adventure, and they’ve absolutely killed it on this latest outing. Quite literally in Clarkson’s case – he had to kill an entire farm to make his car!

Even if some people have claimed that the show got off to a bumpy start (especially after its second episode), the latest instalment just proves how brilliant these three can be and what they achieve thanks to their chemistry: good fun, banter and car disasters.

The main theme of this episode centres on the men creating new cars by replacing most of their parts with sustainable materials, to then test them and see if they worked (spoiler alert: not really).

Hammond created his out of plants, making it look like a nice garden; Clarkson’s contained the remains of several dead animals in every possible form, making it look like something Immortan Joe from Mad Max would drive; and May’s…well, we’ll get back to him, but his very first attempt was a mud car that fell apart two seconds after he started driving it.

The Grand Tour
The Grand Tour

May is a lovable chap though, and he gets points for trying – even if the other two spent the entire episode cracking up with everything he did.

We got to have it all with this episode, and “Enviro-mental” was quite a fitting title: the whole sustainable thing was a complete disaster, but viewers will probably cry with laughter at the trio’s insane ideas and their fights, that only show they are having the time of their lives.

It makes you want to watch the next episode straight away!

Inside-and-outside-the-tent moments:

  • Continuing with the Celebrity Brain Crash tradition, this week it was Jimmy Carr’s turn to get brutally killed, after his jet-ski crashed into a boat –truly a brain crash.
  • Tiny Hammond was hidden in the back of an Audi TT and used as a human parking sensor. Surprisingly, it doesn’t make you feel bad for him, but it gets you thinking that it’s actually a great idea. As Clarkson puts it, parking sensors are too expensive, and men can be cheaper (Hammond didn’t agree).
  • Final state of the trio’s sustainable inventions: Clarkson’s car succumbed to a maggot infestation, Hammond’s caught fire, and May’s disintegrated, but only after he alone had almost deforested the entire countryside and restarted the Industrial Revolution.
  • Clarkson’s BBC burn of the episode: “I’m trying to think of a metaphor for someone who’s really tried their hardest with something and it hasn’t worked.” Subtle.
  • Someone needs to give May a hug, especially after his brick car got trapped in the middle of a river and started dissolving. While the other two were obviously by the shore enjoying themselves.
  • Clarkson’s monstrosity of a car really wasn’t apt for vegetarians. As he said, it could be found either amusing or horrifying.
  • One of the stars of the episode was the hedgehog found in Hammond’s car: “You are not using him to make a door mirror,” he cried to Clarkson.
  • “Oh, so you crashed your car because mine’s got flowers on and not because you built your windscreen out of a cow’s balloon knot?”
  • May after Hammond started screaming too soon while being used as a parking sensor: “We live in London. You can build a £4 million house in that space.”
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