Glitter bum


The ‘Glitter Bum’ Is The Number One Viral Trend Of 2017

By Loaded

March 28, 2017

Instagram has been home to some weird and wonderful trends over the years – anyone remember the Insta sit, or the one finger selfie challenge? – but we might have just found the best of the lot.

So what’s the number one craze taking over social media? ‘Glitter bums’, obviously.

The social media site recently announced it was planning to censor NSFW images very soon – so it looks like people are posting all the ‘belfies’ they can before time runs out.

But these are ‘belfies’ with a difference. Some of the biggest trendsetters on the site are brightening up the homepages of Instagram users everywhere by covering their behinds in glitter.

See sone of the most popular images from the trend below:

Right at the forefront of the trend is Instagram user Mia Kennington. The makeup artist and self proclaimed “glitter creature” has been leading the way for all things sparkling online.

People all over the world are getting in on the action too, and with summer festivals just around the corner, we can expect to see Mia-like designs taking over the internet pretty soon.

So don’t get left behind – get on board with the glitter bum trend now while it’s still cool.