The Ghostbusters cameo no one ever wants to talk about

Bill Murray’s appearance in the latest instalment has nothing on this.

Ghostbusters 1984 original cast Bill MurrayImage Picture Sony

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters update may have already won round the critics but there is one particular area in which the film has still been found wanting: cameos.

Arguably the most contentious concerns (SPOILER ALERT) Bill Murray, who makes a reappearance in the Ghostbusters update that is unlikely to be remembered as fondly as his all-too-brief turn as himself in Zombieland.

Yet for all the criticism Murray may well receive for his less than stellar appearance, it has nothing on a Ghostbusters cameo most fans have probably forgotten about – and with good reason.

Rewind to 1995 and six years since Ghostbusters II hit the cinemas.

With Dan Aykroyd toiling away on what the as-yet-unmade Ghostbusters 3 script, the makers of another supernatural comedy came up with a novel idea for a Ghostbusters cameo.

The film in question was the big-screen update of comic book/animated favourite Casper, starring Christina Ricci and Bill Pullman, which would go on to be a major box office success.

Dr. Raymond Stantz was therefore resurrected, with Aykroyd reprising his role – complete with Porno film star ’tache –  for a brief turn as a Ghostbuster sent in to deal with Casper and his ghostly uncles.


The result is a scene that, in one brief moment, effectively takes one massive dump on the first two films and the beloved character of Ray – someone who we are supposed to believe is frightened of ghost children but happy to receive oral sex from an unknown spectre.

More importantly, he appears to have broken the first rule of the Ghostbusters – never go in alone. That’s basic stuff guys! Surely Ernie Hudson was available?!

Representing as close to a pure Ghostbusters sequel as the fanboys are likely to get, the scene and cameo have been erased from memory by most fans.

But, in the wake of Murray’s questionable appearance, it’s worth remembering that things were once a whole lot worse for ‘Busters fans.

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