The Filthy Mermaid Subscription Box Service For ‘Mermaids Gone Bad’

These adults-only boxes contain a variety of ‘sexy’ items for anyone Ariel fans out there.

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Back in 1989, Disney’s The Little Mermaid taught an entire generation of girls and boys all about the mythical aquatic creature that was one half female human and one half fish.

This being Disney, the Little Mermaid in question happened to be a rather eye-catching red-head by the name of Ariel.

Some people wanted to be her, others just wanted to be with her. Either way, everyone was smitten and all of a sudden mermaids were in fashion.

Fast forward to the start of 2017 and it would appear that that same generation of mermaid-loving Disney fans have turned their passion for life under the sea into something a little more sordid.

And while mermaid porn remains a little too extreme for most tastes, the allure of these sea based sirens did result in the launch of a bizarre subscription box service called The Filthy Mermaid just last year.

The service is simple enough – for just $19.99 a month, fans can pay to have a box of adult-only mermaid related materials delivered to their home.

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To what end you may ask? Well, mostly so they can then indulge in a bit of mermaid related fun with their nearest and dearest and we don’t just mean in the bedroom either.

With items including lip glosses, scale-printed socks, sleep masks and sea shell nipple pasties, there’s pretty much something for every taste. Provided that taste includes an interest in Mermaids and living under the sea, of course.

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“Between sexy sea-inspired accessories, bewitching beauty products, playful pleasures, and more – you’ll be ready to party The Filthy Mermaid way,” the company’s website promises.

There’s plenty of sexy mermaid-inspired attire on offer too, though any Ariel fans over in the UK could be left disappointed – the company only ships to the US, British Virgin Islands and Canada.

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Still, they can at least console themselves with some of the eye-catching images on offer via the company’s rather interesting Instagram page while dreaming of a worry-free life living side-by-side with friendly crustaceans. 

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