The Exercises Capable Of Inducing Orgasms In Women

The technical term for the phenomenon is “coregasm”.

Working out in the gym.
Working out in the gym Image Getty

Most people dread a trip to the gym but for one very select group of females it can actually be a very pleasurable experience.

According to a study published in the medical journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy back in 2011, a phenomenon exists among women whereby some types of physical exercise actually induce orgasms or “coregasms” as some have termed it.

A total of 530 adult females were surveyed as part of the study, with as many as 124 reporting they had experience an exercise-induced orgasm (EIO) with a further 246 admitting that they had enjoyed some form of exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP).

Ab-related exercises prompted the highest number of climaxes among the EIO group, with 51.4% reporting to have orgasmed as a result of this type of expercise.

Weight lifting (26.5%), yoga (20%), biking (15.8%) and even hiking or running (13.2%) also scored highly among the EIO group.

“orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event”

Debby Hebernick, PhD, a sexual health educator from The Kinsey Institute and lead author on the study said:

“These data are interesting because they suggest that orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event, and they may also teach us more about the bodily processes underlying women’s experiences of orgasm.”

The survey threw up some similarly fascinating insights including the revelation that most of the study’s participants had not been fantasising at the gym prior to experiencing an orgasm, while a large proportion of respondents cited a piece of gym equipment called “the captain’s chair” as the source of their joy.

Could these revelations prompt a spike in the number of people signing up for gym memberships? Probably not – that sort of thing tends to wait until the New Year.

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