Forget #TheDress – The #FlipFlops Debate Is Taking Over The Internet

Do you see White and Gold, or Blue and Black?

#flipflops It's #TheDress all over again... Image Twitter/@positivedemi

#TheDress became a worldwide phenomenon back in 2015, and the debate still rages on between those that saw white and gold, and those that saw black and blue.

A year later, there’s a new viral sensation taking over the internet, and it involves a hotly-disputed pair of flip flops.

Twitter user @positivedemi posted a seemingly innocuous picture of a pair of Havaianas recently, which proved to be unexpectedly controversial.

As it turns out, no-one can agree on what colour they are. The image has been shared many times on the social media site, with some claiming they’re blue and black, and some claiming they are white and gold.

Take a look for yourself at the #FlipFlops post below:

People are seeing contrasting colours due to the way the light-sensitive cells in our eyes interprets light differently. Some people will see white and gold where others see black and blue, or a mixture of all the colours. 

The picture has had a lot of people arguing online. See a selection of the best #FlipFlops posts below:

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