The Reasons Karlie Kloss’ Favourite NYC Bakery NEEDS To Come To London

From Compost Cookies to Karlie Kloss, this bakery is something special...

karlie kloss milk bar
Karlie needs to bring her favourite bakery to the big smoke... Image Instagram/ Getty Images

Milk Bar Bakery in New York City is a revelation – from its startling baked innovations to crack pie, yes it’s like crack it’s so good.

The bakery has seen tremendous success thanks to the blood, sweat and cakes by founder Christina Tosi who also happens to collaborate with friend, supermodel and cookie mogul Karlie Kloss. 

While there are currently locations in all five boroughs within the big apple, Las Vegas and even one in Toronto, we think it’s high time Milk Bar makes it’s way across the pond our way.

loaded has compiled a list of reasons why Milk Bar needs to be in London.




Cereal Milk

Milk Bar/Instagram

This is a concoction created by Tosi herself, in an ode to our childhoods of drinking the remaining milk from the bottom of the cereal bowl. It’s made in their locations and is found in a range of treats sold at the bakery, including milkshakes, soft serve and an affogato to die for. 


Crack Pie

crack pie
The Crack Pie/Milk Bar

loaded has made this dish of heaven, it’s basically cream and sugar melted into a treacly, sticky pie with a crunchy oat bottom. While you can make this at home thanks to Tosi sharing her recipes on the website, we need this here made by the experts ASAP.


Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss
New York Post

The supermodel is also a cookie entrepreneur and has collaborated with Tosi to create Klossies, yummy cookies that come in an array of flavours including; perfect 10, the coco and 5boro. Best part proceeds from sales, all go to a good cause. Plus Karlie would probably show up in London a lot more. 



Milk Bar

The website description reads as: “packed with pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham cracker, butterscotch and chocolate chips, this cookie strikes the perfect balance of salty and sweet!” We’ve had a few – they are better than amazing. 


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